OTR Wheel Engineering releases wheel and tire design guide

OTR Wheel Engineering has released a design guide, the Wheel and Tire Design Black Book, which aims to help OEMs more easily spec wheels and tires for their equipment designs.

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OTR Wheel Engineering announces the release of its Wheel and Tire Design Black Book document. 

Specifically intended for OEM manufacturers, equipment designers, planners and purchasing professionals, this Wheel and Tire Design Black Book is a highly useful design guide for companies engaged in the manufacture of off-the-road equipment. OTR Wheel Engineering’s Black Book contains a wealth of highly proprietary information which helps companies answer critical questions required to narrow down the specifications and design criteria for wheels and tires they need for their machines.

OTR’s Wheel and Tire Design Black Book is a unique first of its kind document that provides several forms with comprehensive question and answer worksheets, specification sheets, checklists and a wealth of explanatory information for designing both wheels and tires for off-the-road (OTR) equipment. The Black Book has sections that cover design teams, refining the specifications for designing and engineering tires and wheels, and configuring tire and wheel assemblies. 

Building wheels is not rocket science but there are a multitude of factors that must be considered in the proper selection of rims, wheel styles, actual wheel design and manufacturing decisions that must be considered for building wheels.

Jeff Williams, Vice President of OE Sales and Marketing says, “The work that went into the creation of the Black Book document is the culmination of decades of experience and technical expertise that OTR Wheel Engineering’s design and engineering staff bring to any project. We tapped our best talent and asked them to contribute their best ideas to this proprietary document that will assist our customers through the decision making and design process to have a successful project outcome.”