Oerlikon signs long-term supply agreement with GIMA

Oerlikon has signed a Euro Long Term Agreement to supply GIMA with components for its transmissions and gearboxes, as well as jointly develop new products.

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Oerlikon’s Drive Systems’ Graziano business unit has signed a double-digit million Euro Long Term Agreement with GIMA, a leader in the agricultural equipment market. The contract expands the business between the two companies through 2016. “This is an excellent way to celebrate our 30-year partnership with GIMA,” says Paolo Ramadori, Chairman and Managing Director of Oerlikon Graziano SpA.

GIMA is a joint venture between AGCO and Claas Tractor SAS which designs and manufactures products for agricultural equipment. Located in Beauvais, France, GIMA employs some 1,200 people dedicated to the design, development, production and assembly of transmissions and gearboxes used in a variety of brands including AGCO Corporation’s globally recognized Massey Ferguson and Claas tractors.

The relationship between Oerlikon Graziano and GIMA dates back more than 30 years. Oerlikon Drive Systems is a major supplier to GIMA providing a wide range of high quality engineered components used in their products such as Ring Gears, Bevel Sets, EBW (electro-beam welding) Clutches and Spur Gears. “Thanks to our technological know-how we are supporting GIMA’s Engineering Department in the development of products that will reshape the future of agricultural equipment,” says Ramadori. Under the new agreement, Oerlikon and GIMA will jointly develop new products integrating a variety of Oerlikon technologies, such as Graziano Shifting Solutions, for manufacture around the world.

The long-term agreement and cooperation is of tremendous benefit to Oerlikon, GIMA and GIMA’s customers. Oerlikon will deliver high-quality, high-performance products which boost end-product efficiency, for GIMA’s customers around the world.