Comer Industries supplies drives for Lampson International mega crane

Comer Industries partnered with Lampson International to provide drives for Lampson's new 3,000 ton mega crane.

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Comer Industries recently partnered with Lampson International to provide drives for Lampson's new mega crane.

Lampson’s Needs: Reliable and Safe Heavy Duty Drives for a Partner Sharing the Same Values

Lampson was searching for a company sharing the same values of integrity and quality to construct its next generation of hoists for its new mega crane LTL-3000 Transi-Lift: Comer Industries’ products for this application were selected from a wide portfolio of laboratory and field proven winch drives. A number of various winches with different drum diameter and pulling torque have been equipped with Comer Industries PGRF-25004 and PGRF-6503 drives, allowing Lampson engineers a comfortable level of flexibility in their machine design.

Safety and reliability are fundamental requirements: the drives have been tested at the Mechatronics Research Center in Comer Industries' Headquarters, simulating the field function under a severe-duty cycle. Specific calculation tools have been implemented and verified on the field, aiming at the correct sizing of the drive, granting safety standards are achieved. According to EFQM methodologies, Comer Industries’ components are classified with regards to failure and level of safety. An internal metallurgic laboratory analyses of individual key gearbox components guarantee their mechanical and chemical properties, and ultimately the safety of the crane itself.

Comer Industries’ Solution

To develop its new crane, Lampson chose Comer Industries' hydraulic winch gearboxes. Main hoist lifts are made using eight 270 kNm capacity gearboxes. Smaller capacity drives power the whip and auxiliary hoists. Specifically, two PGRF- 25004 per drum have been  assembled on the four winches, each one capable of 52 t line pull, used on the main hoist function. The same drive has been used  in a single unit for the whip hoist. Two PGRF-6503 units  have been selected to rotate the drum of the auxiliary drives.

The project was supported by the company’s North American subsidiary, Comer Industries, Inc., located in Charlotte, NC.

Concrete Results

In November 2013 the Lampson International LLC mega crane LTL-3000 Transi-Lift successfully completed its final tests before delivery to a major manufacturer of nuclear power plants. With 3,000 tons lifting capacity, the LTL-3000 is one of the premier heavy lift cranes in the world.

Applications include power plant construction as well as oil and gas sites. The crane is fully mobile with individually powered crawler transporters. The Transi-Lift system is a patented configuration that combines the heavy lifting capability of stiffleg derricks and ring-mounted lift equipment with the mobility of a conventional crawler crane.