Comer Industries continues partnership with Liebherr

Comer Industries is providing its S-128 axle on Liebherr's newest line of compact wheel loaders.

Comer Industries Axle S 128
Comerindustriesspa 10055218

Comer Industries and Liebherr have decided to further tighten their relationship, as a result of a successful preliminary relationship about the development and the full serial production of a new generation of compact wheel loaders.

Top management executives of both companies gathered last December in Bischofshofen, Austria to share progresses and future objectives of the relationship.

“We only look for best partners and companies that are totally committed to fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers, willing to stretch their organization to far reaching objectives,” explains Manfred Santner, Managing Director Finance and Administration, Liebherr Bischofshofen.

Comer Industries’ partnership with Liebherr started in 2010 and led to the validation of the S-128 axle featured on a front loader, after two years of field testing.

"Progresses with Liebherr are the result of the execution of  Comer Industries’ recently developed and communicated long-term strategy, focused on the company mission of becoming a preferred supplier to global OEMs,” says Matteo Storchi, Comer Industries’ Sales and Marketing Director. “Since the beginning, Liebherr has appreciated our continuous pursuit of excellence in products and processes, that perfectly fits to their strategy and to their capability of leveraging our innovative solutions to their vehicle."

“The success of these new vehicles has allowed our company to increase its market share in this range beyond our best estimation. The vehicle’s design and performances have proved themselves to be superior in terms of robustness and versatility. This is exactly what our customer is looking for when selecting a machine in this range,” says Johann Stickler, Managing Director Engineering, Liebherr Bischofshofen.

Liebherr’s new compact wheel loader range represents a complete redesign with new powerful and robust axles in an highly efficient and performing concept: a strong product line completion for one of the market leader in wheel loaders.