Oerlikon displaying latest EV and HEV transmission technologies at LCV Cenex 2014

Oerlikon and technical specialist Vocis will exhibit their transmissions for electric and hybrid electric vehicles at LCV Cenex 2014.

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High-performance transmission specialist Oerlikon Graziano, a brand of Oerlikon Drive Systems Segment, together with technical specialist Vocis, will exhibit a whole family of electric and hybrid vehicle transmissions at the LCV Cenex 2014 show, from September 10 to 11 at Millbrook Proving Ground. The exhibition is the UK’s Premier Low Carbon Vehicle Event and attracts major stakeholders, key manufacturers, supply chain representatives and government officials. The state-of-the-art transmissions will be accompanied by two demonstrator vehicles used to evaluate and showcase the innovative products.

Star of the line-up will be the company’s new OGeco, a hybrid power-shifting automated manual transmission (AMT), co-developed with technical specialist Vocis, responsible for the control unit and control software. The OGeco transmission is cost effective, light and efficient, and utilizes torque infill to provide near-seamless shifting. Hybrid technology helps to reduce fuel consumption by up to 30%, particularly at low speeds, and significantly reduces emissions.

Oerlikon Graziano believes in the use of technology demonstrators to prove the benefits and feasibility of new concepts. The OGeco unit was installed in a high-performance Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG in early 2014 and tested by several European vehicle manufacturers, attracting favourable comments for ease of use and shift quality. The actual car and the OGeco will be at this year’s LCV show as a static display in Hall 2, stand C2-51, and visitors will be welcome on the stand for a closer look at the vehicle installation or to have any questions answered.

“The OGeco concept has been designed to provide torque infill from an electric motor during gear changes, providing the shift refinement of a DCT,” says Oerlikon Graziano’s Head of Performance Automotive, Paolo Mantelli. “Increased low speed comfort does not compromise the rapid shift time and responsiveness during spirited driving, thanks to a two-speed electric motor transmission solution enabled by a twin-shaft AMT layout. Smooth shifting at low to medium vehicle performance matches current DCT expectations, and the transition to high performance is enabled by significant torque infill to reduce shift shock. Moreover like-for-like simulations supported by vehicle test results have shown a fuel economy advantage between five and eight percent over a wet clutch DCT, due to the lower internal losses and the elimination of any hydraulic cooling requirements.

“OGeco is designed for high performance vehicles with transaxle transmission configurations, and is suitable for front- or rear-wheel drive applications,” Mantelli continues. “The concept fulfils a full range of hybrid functions, such as electric boost, KERS, EV mode, regeneration of the HV battery directly from the engine and engine cranking, and is fully compatible with all the potential future evolutions of high performance transmissions.”

Throughout the two days of the LCV event, a Mercedes Vito Minibus fitted with Oerlikon Graziano 4SED (4 Speed Electric Drive) will be available for demonstration drives (External display SP-17A). The 4SED is the most elegant solution for a multi-speed transmission when there are two traction machines, and is much simpler than a traditional manual gearbox, having the electric motors connected directly to two independent input shafts, omitting the need for any clutches. Visitors will be allowed to assess the vehicle and to discuss in detail how the gear shifting is managed and other key aspects of the unit.