Oerlikon Graziano to introduce new OGeco hybrid power-shifting AMT at Cenex LCV 2014

Oerlikon Graziano's new OGeco hybrid power-shift transmission uses torque infill to provide the seamless shift benefits of a dual clutch transmission.

Oerlikon 4 Sed With 2 Motors
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High-performance transmission specialist Oerlikon Graziano will show details of its new OGeco, a hybrid power-shifting automated manual transmission (AMT), at Cenex LCV 2014 show, from September 10 to 11, together with technical specialist Vocis, responsible for the OGeco control unit and control software. The transmission is more cost effective, lighter and efficient than dual clutch transmission (DCT) alternatives, and utilizes torque infill to provide the seamless shift benefits of a DCT. The new technology is able to provide an innovative breakthrough for the automotive industry, as manufacturers seek reduced fuel consumption and improved CO2 emissions.
“The OGeco concept has been designed to provide torque infill from an electric motor during gear changes, providing the refinement of a DCT,” says Oerlikon Graziano’s Head of Performance Automotive, Paolo
Mantelli. “Increased low speed comfort does not compromise the rapid shift time and responsiveness during spirited driving, thanks to a two-speed electric motor transmission solution enabled by a twin-shaft AMT
layout. Smooth shifting at low to medium vehicle performance matches current DCT expectations, and the transition to high-performance is enabled by significant torque infill to reduce shift shock.
"The hybrid unit is designed for high performance vehicles with transaxle transmission configuration, suitable for front- and rear-wheel drive application, and we believe the OGeco concept is central to the continued evolution of performance transmissions,” continues Mantelli. The OGeco concept fulfills a full suite of hybrid functions, with electric boost, KERS, EV mode, regeneration of the HV battery directly from the engine and engine cranking.
The OGeco unit was installed on a high-performance Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG in early 2014 and tested by 
several European vehicle manufacturers. The hybrid unit demonstrates the packaging benefits by fitting into the space previously taken by a seven-speed DCT. Customer feedback has been positive:

  • “The first interesting hybrid project shown” 
  • “Gets very close to a DCT in comfort auto” 
  • “Impressed with usability for round town driving” 

Reduced weight, improved efficiency and fuel economy are further benefits of the transmission.

Depending on customer requirements, OGeco can support different drivetrain layouts to provide solutions for pure hybrid, plug-in hybrid and extended range electric vehicles thanks to the unit’s 120 kW, 200 Nm output.
“Our focus is on developing integrated powertrain solutions, through strategic alliances with best in class partners, aimed at maximizing performance and efficiency. Our technical people work with customers from the outset, providing on-site engineering support to help achieve rapid program implementation,” says Mantelli. “We just need to know the application, interfaces and envelope of the transmission or differential, then we take care of the rest.”