Mitas will introduce its newest size ERL-50 tire at Steinexpo

Mitas will introduces its new 23.5R25 size ERL-50 tire at Steinexpo in Homberg, Germany.

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At Steinexpo in Homberg, Germany, Mitas is introducing the newest addition to its family of ERL-50 earth-moving tires, the 23.5R25 ERL-50. It will become available for worldwide sale in October 2014. ERL tires are used on loaders, dozers and graders in mining operations. The Mitas ERL Series features 12 various tires of 28 to 90 mm tread depth. At its stand No. B24 Mitas will also display wide range of Earthmover tires.

"Mitas has a long expertise manufacturing off-road tires. By introducing new size of ERL-50 we would like to emphasize our focus on industrial and particularly Earthmover tires," says Andrew Mabin, Mitas’ Sales and Marketing Director. "Each off-road surface requires its own particular tread design and functionality. The ERL-50 is designed for rocky conditions."

The newest addition to the family of ERL earth-moving tires is 23.5R25 ERL-50. The ERL-50 tread pattern is particularly resistant to cut and wear. This radial tire is designed for durability as Mitas altered its tread pattern and incorporated steel cord in the body and breaker.

On Steinexpo Mitas will display these Earthmover tires on its stand B24:

  • 26.5R25 ERL-30
  • 26.5R25 ERD-40
  • 23.5R25 ERL-50
  • 20.5R25 ERL-20
  • 405/70R20 EM01

The whole ERL/ERD line is radial with a steel-enforced carcass and steel breakers. ERL/ERD tires support retreading. This set of earth-mover tires responds to various off-road surfaces by changes in tread design and functionality. Mitas ERL tires fit on loader and grader machinery, and ERD tires are for transport vehicles. These include wheel loaders, dozers and graders, dumpers (including articulated) and scrapers.