Topcon adds new features to X30 and AGI-4 precision ag products

Topcon has updated its X30 console and AGI-4 GNSS receiver to include features such as plant nutrient monitoring and support of more agricultural equipment.

AGI-4 GNSS receiver/steering controller
AGI-4 GNSS receiver/steering controller

Topcon Precision Agriculture (TPA) announces the addition of new features to the X30 touchscreen console and AGI-4 GNSS receiver/steering controller. The updates are designed to improve performance and efficiency of its premium precision agriculture system. 

The new features of the X30 console now support the Topcon plant nutrient monitoring and application system, CropSpec. The CropSpec crop canopy sensor system offers plant nutrient monitoring for logging or can be used for on-the-go variable rate applications.

The X30 also now provides support for JD-R Series FWA tractors, articulated and tracked models.  Teamed with the Topcon ISO 11783 compatible AGI-4 receiver and steering controller, it now also supports the Deere 2630 and Command Arm Console.

Water conservation is a new feature of Topcon Horizon software that is designed to provide the ability to perform land forming while also offering GNSS auto steering of the tractor. 

Neal Toso, TPA Product Planning Manager, says, “With X30 and AGI-4, water conservation and land forming users can now level fields while auto-steering to maximize efficiency and reduce the amount of material moved. One easy-to-use console controls steering while also offering single or dual scraper land forming along with ISO interface. Normally this type of operation requires the use of two separate consoles.

“With the X30 console, using Horizon software, connected to Topcon MC-R3 blade control, it is easy to take the output from Topcon AGForm 3D design software to produce accurate modeling and land forming. This allows proper drainage to occur, resulting in a healthy, productive crop,” says Toso. “Together, these Topcon products are designed to provide a turnkey approach to superior land forming operations.”

Also new to the X30 console is support for video monitor cameras to provide customers the benefit of viewing virtually any location on a machine. The camera kit provides support for up to four cameras viewable on the X30 screen. The system also supports some third-party USB cameras.

Topcon MAGNET or Mobile Ag Network allows data to be transferred seamlessly between the home office and X30 console. MAGNET allows operators to send variable rate application maps to the field or to produce as-applied data once a job is completed.           

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