Faresin Industries introduces new telescopic handlers with Variable Power System transmissions

At EIMA 2014, Faresin Industries introduced its latest range of telescopic handlers which feature Variable Power System transmissions.

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New transmissions and much more for Faresin Industries telescopic handlers, the stars of EIMA 2014. The Variable Power System (VPS) that characterizes this range of machines, which are specifically designed for the agricultural and livestock industries, allows users to better manage available power at all times according to the functionality required, thanks to 0 to 40 km/h continuous variation: this leads to quicker, more fluid movements. In the VPSe version, the transmission is also equipped with an electronic traction management system (indeed, the last "e" of the acronym stands for "electronic"): interacting with the Tier 3B/4 Interim electronic injection common-rail engine, the VPSe transmission allows users to get the best in terms of power and speed across a range of applications, optimising performance efficiency. The exclusive hydraulic system with variable displacement piston pump, regulated by the Loadsensing command which is coupled to the transmission, ensures that manoeuvres are extremely soft, supple and precise.

However, while functionality is enhanced, fuel consumption is significantly reduced: by automatically adjusting the flow of oil according to the requirements of the operations under way, the hydraulic system reduces fuel usage as well as decreasing wear (and thus increasing lifespan) of the components.

This advanced technology is very simple to use. The controls on the instrument panel allow the operator to immediately select the method of operation, from Drive (for transfers) to Handling (for greater thrust to the bucket), or Creeper, an energy-efficient mode for equipment that requires a specific feed speed regardless of the engine speed, such as the sweeper. By selecting the Eco mode, available on the VPSe version, users can achieve fuel savings of up to 20%: this is confirmation of the "green" philosophy adopted by Faresin Industries across new ranges, starting with the Ecomode engines on the Leader mixer wagons, designed to deliver real benefits both environmentally (with reductions in pollutant emissions) and economically (reductions in time and usage costs, as well as management and maintenance).

As always, the technological evolution pursued by the Vicenza company is not an end in itself, but is rather designed to provide tangible benefits to customers who use their own farm machinery on a day-to-day basis. This is also seen in the attention to detail in terms of ergonomics, as evident in the new VPS and VPSe telescopic handlers. The new cab on these models is safer and more comfortable and is equipped with an efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, with a 20% increase in visibility thanks to the broader anti-reflective glass windows and the LED working lights at the front and rear. The full-colour multifunctional LCD display and precise hydraulic joystick also ensures every operation is easier and more intuitive.

The range available to customers is extensive: 15 models of VPS and VPSe telescopic handlers with payload capacities ranging from 3,000 to 4,500 kg, arm heights of 6 to 11 m, and engines from 90 kW/122 hp to 115 kW/126 hp.

At the Eima International trade fair in Bologna (November 12 to 16), at stand C3 in hall 30, Faresin Industries displayed the 9.30 VPS and 8.40 VPSe models.