SAME Frutteto and Vigneto tractors now available with independent front axle suspensions for improved drivability

SAME's Frutteto and Vigneto tractors are now available with an independent front axle suspension system featuring independently sprung wheels to optimize drivability on difficult terrain.


SAME now offers the Frutteto and Vigneto family with an innovative front axle suspension system with independently sprung wheels. This is a technological solution normally seen only on higher horsepower tractors, which SAME has now brought to its specialized tractors for fruit orchards and vineyards.

Every aspect of SAME Frutteto tractors is geared for maximum driver comfort: the geometry of the independent front suspension system optimises performance and driveability both in poor terrain conditions and when driving at high speeds, and drastically reduces the vibration experienced by the driver.

Highly innovative technological solutions have been used. Two hydraulic cylinders, a system allowing the suspension arms to pivot independently on the front suspension carrier, a speed sensor, a steering sensor and three nitrogen accumulator tanks all contribute to maximized driver comfort and vehicle stability whether working in the field or driving at speed on the road.

A sophisticated electronic control system constantly keeps the suspension ideally levelled, independently of the load on the front axle, to make use of the full travel of the shock absorbers in all situations. The suspension levelling system is activated automatically at speeds above 3 km/h, while the suspension may be locked manually by the driver if needed from an electrohydraulic control in the cab.

This system offers the same essential characteristics such as maximum lateral angle and ground clearance as the rigid axle version, but with a larger steering angle. This is because the independent suspension geometry means that the wheels move vertically throughout their entire travel, making higher steering angles possible than with a conventional unsuspended axle with comparable tire size and track.

The suspension system features an “anti-dive” function, which improves braking safety as it prevents the front axle from diving, causing the center of gravity of the tractor to shift suddenly.

The suspension system also has an “anti-roll” function, which automatically adjusts the stiffness of the system in relation to steering angle and speed, to improve stability and grip both in the field and on the road.

The new independent front suspension geometry of SAME Frutteto and Vigneto tractors is the most effective solution available today for maximizing grip, stability and high speed steering capability, significantly improving both safety and comfort.