Mitas receives best supplier award from CLAAS

Mitas was named overall best supplier at the recent CLAAS Supplier of the Year Awards 2014.

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Mitas is overall winner of the CLAAS Supplier of the Year Awards, 2014. Major farm equipment manufacturer CLAAS awarded tire maker Mitas as best supplier for its outstanding development partnership, an excellent cooperation during recent years and active participation in logistics and lesser development projects. The gala event took place in January in Harsewinkel, Germany. Mitas won the award from among 900 serial part suppliers.

“Being the best overall supplier of CLAAS for the year 2014 is a big honor. We will do our best to confirm this position also in the year 2015 to show our partners in CLAAS that we deserve and esteem this award,” says Jaroslav Čechura, Mitas’ CEO. “The Total Winner award is a continuation of our successes within the CLAAS Supplier Award. In 2011, we were awarded CLAAS Supplier of the Year for Innovation (development of the CHO tire) and in 2006 for Logistics."

“Mitas is a leader in the supplier group of tires at CLAAS and has shown excellent supplier evaluation during the past few years. For these reasons, we awarded Mitas as a Total Winner of our Supplier Award in 2014,” says Hans Lampert, CLAAS’s Group Executive Vice President of Finance and Controlling.

During his speech at the awards ceremony, Lampert highlighted several reasons Mitas won the Total Winner award. CLAAS highly valued the timely and precise communication of the Mitas Premium launch – the new tire line that substitutes Continental-branded tires with original equipment manufacturers. Lampert also expressed appreciation for Mitas' presence on all markets where CLAAS agricultural machinery is sold. He highlighted the constant modernisation of Mitas’ production facilities without disrupting supplies.

At the event in Harsewinkel on January 15, more than 700 representatives from CLAAS and their international suppliers were present, including Helmut Claas. The award was presented to Mitas representatives Jaroslav Čechura; Andrew Mabin, Marketing and Sales Director; Jens Steinhardt, Key Account Manager and Hans-Ulrich Klose, Head of the Automotive Engineering unit at Mitas, by Lampert and Ruediger Mohr, Head of Corporate Purchasing at CLAAS.

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