Trelleborg launches new state-of-the-art website

Trelleborg announces the launch of its new, easy-to-navigate website for its tire and wheel products for agricultural and materials handling applications.

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Demonstrating its commitment to digital tools and communications, Trelleborg has launched a new, easy to navigate website for its tire and complete wheel solutions for the agricultural and materials handling industries.

Roberto Angelucci, Digital Marketing Manager at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says, “The new advanced, user-friendly web platform is designed to provide a natural and intuitive user experience courtesy of a more simplified, cleaner visual design and enhanced navigation. This enables visitors to better utilize Trelleborg’s vast experience and unrivalled understanding of the whole lifecycle of agricultural tires.”

The new website provides a holistic view of Trelleborg’s range of agricultural, forestry and industrial tires. With all products now segmented by application, visitors can easily access everything from technical data, product performances and test results, to the latest pictures, movies and apps, at the click of a mouse or swipe of a finger.

Purposefully designed with an emphasis on high quality visuals and graphics, the website showcases Trelleborg’s true capabilities to helping farming professionals to run their operations more efficiently and productively. In addition, the new homepage provides content at a glance, giving visitors a snapshot of what they can expect to find by visiting the numerous areas of the website. Navigation between popular areas of the site has also been streamlined thanks to multiple drop-down menus.

In addition, with a significant number of visitors now accessing Trelleborg’s website using mobile devices and tablets, the new website also boasts responsive design technology which automatically adapts to any viewing device to deliver an optimal, interactive experience wherever visitors are in the world.

“Visitors can also access the Online Tire Selector, which is specifically designed to help farming professionals select the right tires for individual applications; and the online version of Trelleborg’s popular apps such as Load Calculator, Tire Book, Dealer Locator, Tire iBrochure and Tire Efficiency,” concludes Angelucci.

Over the next couple of weeks, Trelleborg will continue to populate all areas of the website. In time, the website will also be available to access to multiple languages.