Twin Disc power-shift transmission aids performance of fracturing trucks

Twin Disc's TA90-8501 nine-speed transmission provides 3,000 hp at 2,100 rpm and includes an advanced electronic control system tailored to specific application needs.

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SJ Petroleum Machinery Co. is one of the world's largest manufacturers of oil and gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing equipment. Its model 2500 Quintaplex Pump Fracturing Truck depends on Twin Disc's TA90-8501 power-shift transmission for peak performance.

"Twin Disc's transmission makes the 2500 fracking rig's high horsepower and pressure output run very smoothly, and increases pump life," says Wu Hanchuan, SJ Petroleum Machinery Co.'s Chief Engineer of Fracturing Packages. "All our customers like the Twin Disc transmissions."

The 2500 Quintaplex Pump Fracturing Truck is built for a wide range of fracturing and acidizing operations. It runs SJ Petroleum Machinery Co.'s SQP2800 2,800 hp quintuplet plunger pump and achieves a maximum working pressure of 140 Mpa. The rig is powered by an MTU 16V4000 or Cummins QSK60 engine and paired with Twin Disc's TA90-8501 transmission.

Twin Disc's high-performance TA90-8501 coaxial nine-speed power-shift transmission boasts up to 2,300 kW/3,000 hp at 2,100 rpm. An advanced electronic control system tailors the unit to meet the application's specific needs. Easy and safe to operate, its durable, heavy-duty components reduce maintenance downtime.

China-based SJ Petroleum Machinery Co. has built and delivered over 300 of its 2500 Quintaplex Pump Fracturing Trucks—each with a Twin Disc TA90-8501 transmission.