Loop Energy Introduces Zero-Emission Powertrain

Loop Energy's zero-emission drive combines an electric battery with a hydrogen fuel cell that only produces water vapor as exhaust.

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British Columbia-­based Loop Energy (formerly PowerDisc Development) is promoting a new route to zero-­emission heavy-duty truck operation, combining an electric battery with a hydrogen fuel cell with only water vapor as exhaust.

The name Loop “better represents our business because it speaks to how our products work and to the larger principles of a zero-­emission economy,” company President Ben Nyland said in a release.

In addition to pairing a battery with a fuel cell, Loop uses a patented technology dubbed eFlow to not only eliminate emissions, but enhance overall performance compared to diesel engines.

“The Loop powertrain also matches diesel engines on a total cost basis without subsidies,” the company says, “making it ideal for short and regional ­haul trucks that operate at distribution centers and international ports.”

Operational Efficiency, Lower Total Cost of Ownership

“When we talk to freight owners, we find that what they really want is zero ­emissions,” Loop Energy Sales and Marketing VP Dag Hinrichs said in the name-­change announcement.

“Customers don’t care whether their trucks are powered by fuel cells, batteries or some combination of both,” Hinrichs said. “What they care about is a solution that delivers operational efficiency, lower total cost of ownership, and smart ways to get carbon pollution out of their supply chain.”

‘Clean, Tough, High Performance, Cost­Cutting’

Loop says that its ultimate goal “is to replace the diesel engine.”

“We see a world where we no longer have to burn oil to move things,” said Nyland. “A world where we create the power we need by working with natural cycles.”

Loop claims “a clean, tough, high performance, cost-­cutting, commercially competitive diesel-­replacing power source that’s lab ­tested, validated and ready to go.”

Loop’s chairman is Andreas Truckenbrodt, who headed the Daimler ­Ford ­Nissan cooperative effort on fuel cells. Ron Wingrove, who worked for Ballard for 13 years before moving to Daimler and heading three generations of Mercedes fuel cell stack development, is Product Development Director at Loop.