bauma 2016 Provides Positive Outlook for Future of Construction Industry

BKT reports a positive outlook post bauma, which is further supported by forecasts of a 3.9% global growth rate for the construction industry.

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bauma 2016, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment has cme to a close in Munich. The sentiment perceived at the BKT stand has been confirmed by the official data collected during the exhibition: 580,000 visitors from 200 countries, more than 3,400 exhibitors as well as intense and captivating activities at the stands led to results exceeding all expectations.

Maybe the brand-new Giant tire, Earthmax SR 45 Plus, which was launched right at bauma, has brought good luck. Yet more likely, the international event has attested and stimulated the positive trend recorded by recent market surveys. In the construction machinery sector, the data published by CIC (Construction Intelligence Center) Global 50 forecasts a general increase of 21% in the global market, which will culminate in an overall turnover of USD 10.3 trillion in 2020. Till then, a global growth rate of 3.9% per year is predicted. An immediate market growth is expected especially in Europe, the United States, and India starting from this year 2016.

The great success BKT was able to achieve at bauma is amongst others the result of an extensive and effective marketing campaign. It definitely enhances the brand awareness, contributes to increased market share, as well as to intensifies ties with distributors and raises final users’ level of confidence in BKT products.

This is the firm belief of Lucia Salmaso, Managing Director of BKT Europe: “We are highly satisfied with this year’s edition of bauma reflecting the positive trend of the international construction market. After many years, we can finally sense a climate of promising conditions all over the world. I’m confident that a new cycle is coming into being for this market, and it will definitely introduce changes and transformations resulting into major challenges for all operators. In BKT, we have always been ready to face the future showing grit and determination. We aren’t scared of changes; on the contrary, we aim at anticipating them in order to be tomorrow’s global players - today.”