WABCO OptiRide Suspension Increasingly Adopted by Chinese Truck OEMs

WABCO reports that several major Chinese heavy-duty truck manufacturers are increasing their use of the OptiRide electronically controlled air suspension system.

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WABCO Holdings Inc., a leading global supplier of technologies that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles, reports that several major Chinese heavy-duty truck manufacturers – including China National Heavy Truck Corporation (CNHTC), Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Company (DFLQ) and Shaanqi – continue to increase adoption of OptiRide electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS) in series production. WABCO’s OptiRide technology is by far the global commercial vehicle industry’s best-selling ECAS solution.

Since 2014, WABCO remains the first and only supplier of ECAS systems for truck and bus manufacturers in China, the world’s largest commercial vehicle market. Award-winning OptiRide technology improves fuel economy up to 3% while providing optimal ride performance.

Featuring intelligent lift-axle control and load monitoring, the OptiRide technology detects axle overload and provides automatic load transfer to improve the vehicle’s traction performance, which also helps reduce vehicle wear-and-tear and other operational costs. Unlike steel-spring suspension, OptiRide also enables the vehicle’s lifting and lowering, resulting in more efficient cargo handling and time-saving operation. In addition, the optimal ride quality provided by OptiRide delivers better load protection and more stable truck operation which increase vehicle and road safety.

“Leading Chinese truck makers are increasingly upgrading their vehicle platforms and axle configurations to be more competitive for long-haul transport and logistics operations,” says Sujie Yu, WABCO Vice President, Asia Pacific. “OptiRide further differentiates by improving vehicle efficiency and safety and by enhancing driver comfort. WABCO continues to deliver the most cost-effective, specially designed electronic air-suspension control solutions, which superbly satisfy local needs at industry-leading standards for quality, reliability and service.”

“Major customers such as CNHTC, DFLQ, Shaanqi and other commercial vehicle manufacturers benefit from WABCO’s advanced maturity in globalization, alongside leading in-country capabilities such as local engineering, product application and manufacturing,” says Yu. “As anticipated, WABCO demonstrates another first-to-market success in China through OptiRide and its significantly growing acceptance by customers – both in series production and as an option.”

In China, WABCO continues its position of market leadership, which includes anti-lock braking systems (ABS), electronic braking systems (EBS) and electronic stability control (ESC), among other vehicle safety and efficiency technologies. Local original equipment manufacturers view WABCO as the supplier of choice and value the company’s “design for China” strategy and unique ability to execute there through four world-class factories. In particular, OptiRide builds on WABCO’s track record of 30 years of technology leadership in ECAS systems.