SAF-HOLLAND Named Standard Position Fifth Wheel Supplier on Navistar International Trucks

SAF-HOLLAND's FW17 has also been named as the standard fifth wheel on Navistar's new International LT Series truck.

SAF-HOLLAND, a leading global manufacturer of fifth wheels, trailer suspension and axle systems, truck suspensions, landing gear, and coupling products, announces that Navistar has named HOLLAND as its standard position fifth wheel partner. And in addition, the FW17 has been awarded the prestigious position as the standard fifth wheel on Navistar’s International LT Series truck.

The HOLLAND FW17, manufactured from cast-steel, is the lowest weight steel fifth wheel available; designed as a durable, yet weight reduced choice for on-highway fleets.

“SAF-HOLLAND is honored that Navistar chose HOLLAND as its standard fifth wheel on International trucks,’” says Jeff Talaga, Vice President of Sales & Strategic Development, Americas. “This is another milestone that strengthens our relationship with Navistar and allows us to expand our fifth wheel product offering to International dealers and their customers.”

Model FW17 Advantages

For exceptional performance and durability, the FW17 is cast steel and features a precision machined locking system with greater kingpin contact area, providing longer lock life. A user-friendly lock adjustment makes the adjustment process simple and readily accessible.

An optional air release feature allows in-cab air release of the fifth wheel locking mechanism. The FW17 is backed by the SAF-HOLLAND industry leading 5-Year/500,000 Mile Performance Guarantee, guaranteeing maximum operation performance.

With standard position for HOLLAND FW17 fifth wheel, Navistar will continue to add to its durable and reliable product offerings from SAF-HOLLAND with the addition of HOLLAND FW35 and FWAL models as published options, starting January 2017.

The FW35, with a NoLube option, is the most versatile and proven fifth wheel. Its strong and durable Twin-Lock mechanism design immediately captures the kingpin for a quick, reliable couple. Saving up to 100 lbs. over competitive fifth wheels, the FWAL is made with ALCOA forged aluminum, making it the world’s lightest weight and only aluminum standard-duty fifth wheel.

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