Bridgestone Displays New Tire Management System, Tires for Mining Industry at MINExpo 2016

Bridgestone displayed several products for the mining industry including the next generation of its TreadStat tire and rim management system and its 57 in. VREV Tire optimized for improved heat and wear resistance.

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Bridgestone Americas (Bridgestone) showcased a full suite of its newest industry-leading mining technology solutions designed to meet the needs of global customers at MINExpo 2016, September 26-28 in Las Vegas. A single-source provider of tires, conveyor belts and hoses to the mining industry, Bridgestone met with MINExpo attendees to demonstrate how the company’s products, services and analytics-driven business technologies work together to improve productivity and maximize resources.

“Mining customers around the world are looking for global partners they can rely on to meet their varying business, service and consulting needs,” says Taylor Cole, president, Off-the-Road, Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations. “As a global company, Bridgestone is committed to broadening and enhancing our integrated technology solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers and the mining industry as a whole. Our goal is to be a single-source solution for this important market segment.” 

In addition to showcasing new products at MINExpo, Bridgestone is debuting integrated technology solutions that will help fleet managers make real-time tire and maintenance decisions, improving performance and bottom-line profitability. 2016 MINExpo attendees were among the first to experience: 

  • Next generation of TreadStat: Completely redesigned and updated, the TreadStat tire and rim management platform from Bridgestone helps monitor, optimize and report on the condition of all tires and rims, saving time and increasing productivity by giving real-time information to make better, more informed decisions. With customizable dashboards and reporting to optimize tread utilization and reduce costs, Bridgestone’s next generation TreadStat tool is the mobile solution for global or single location operations.
  • Bridgestone Intelligent Tag (B-TAG) with DirectLink: An advanced tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for real-time monitoring of tire temperature and pressure, B-TAG helps enhance safety and increase production and efficiency. Now available with DirectLink, B-TAG provides actionable data that allows mining operators and fleet managers to control their fleets with accurate temperature versus calculations or ton miles per hour (TMPH) systems. This information is delivered to computers, tablets or smartphones for on-the-spot, informed decision-making.
  • Bridgestone 46/90R57 VREV Tire: This 57 in. giant tire has been optimized for improved heat and wear resistance for users operating in severe haulage applications. Innovative buttress fins in the shoulder use air flow from the rolling tire to force cooler air into shoulder grooves and across the base of the tire to draw heat away, while parallelogram blocks in the pattern minimize wear and tear. Together, these features contribute to a 10% increase in TMPH/ton kilometers per hour (TKPH) over the Bridgestone V-Steel Rock Premium Service (VRPS) tire.
  • Bridgestone 59/80R63 VRF Tire with Cooling Fin technology: The Bridgestone 59/80R63 VRF tire with Cooling Fin technology offers up to a 10% increase in wear life over its predecessor, the Bridgestone VRF. Innovative cooling fins are optimized for heat reduction, delivering wear resistance to extend tire life and improve productivity in severe haulage applications with high payloads.
  • Service and Training Network: Bridgestone has a global network of engineers, service technicians and tire program experts who offer recommendations and customizable solutions to help improve performance, maximize productivity and improve tire-related costs for mining operations around the world. Bridgestone also offers training programs for operators and fleet managers to maximize resources.