Oerlikon Graziano Launches Compact Slotless Synchronizer at Agritechnica 2017

Oerlikon's Compact Slotless Synchronizer offers up to 25% wider friction surfaces in same envelope as a standard solution, and the improved hub and activation system design allows installation on larger shafts.

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Oerlikon Drive Systems Segment’s transmission specialist brand, Oerlikon Graziano, will launch its new Compact Slotless Synchronizer – CSS, at Agritechnica 2017, Hanover, Germany, from November 12-18. The company is already a world market leader in the area of synchronisers for transmissions used in agricultural vehicles and bets on becoming a top player for transmissions of sports cars, trucks, construction equipment and other off-highway products where performance, smoothness, efficiency and durability are essential.

Oerlikon Graziano’s new Compact Slotless Synchronizer is a step ahead in innovation for shifting solutions. It can be applied wherever a synchronizer technology is required (passenger cars, ag, trucks, industrial and construction). This technology is aimed to improve the overall performance and efficiency of the transmissions, through improved shiftability, increased power density and use of innovative friction materials specifically developed for heavy duty usage. A consistent part of the innovation is provided with the new long life tangential activation system constituted by roller, spring and plastic case in one sub- assembly. The roller working ramp is obtained on the tooth flank of the sliding sleeve. In this way, the pre-synchronisation force is generated tangentially allowing a tremendous containment of dimensions in radial direction respect to common activation system technology.

Compared to a standard solution, the new CSS offers up to 25% wider friction surfaces in same envelope and thanks to the improved hub and activation system design can be installed on larger shafts, enlarging applications field toward heavy duty. The new hub also offers benefits on synchro shifting quality, because of geometries less sensitive to heat treatment deformations on functional spline.

The ring indexing function is offered in two different arrangements: by pins (suitable for heavy duty applications) – or by knuckles, having optimized geometry less sensitive to knocking effect (suitable for standard applications). CSS synchro assembly is interchangeable with standard solutions.

The crucial factor for “Shifting Solutions” is the high level of development and production expertise that Oerlikon Graziano owns in the area of synchronisation and power-shift transmissions. Each type of application for the transmission system is defined in close coordination with the customer since the very beginning of the development. To achieve the best-tailored solution, the company is equipped with state of the art design and virtual validation tools, cutting-edge production technologies, comprehensive analytical instruments and extensive bench and vehicle tests. The entire process is supported by a seamless quality-control system.

Visit Oerlikon at Agritechnica Hanover Hall 15, booth D12.