Dana Supplying Axles and Driveshafts for Oshkosh Mixer

The company will provide its Spicer D172 series heavy-duty tandem axles and SPL 170 and 250 driveshafts for the newly redesigned Oshkosh S-Series Front Discharge Mixer.

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Dana Incorporated announces that it will provide its Spicer D172 series heavy-duty tandem axles and its SPL 170 and 250 driveshafts to McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing Inc. as standard equipment for its newly redesigned Oshkosh S-Series Front Discharge Mixer.

"Our S-Series has always been known for strength, off-road capability, and reliability," says Christopher Yakes, Vice President of Corporate Engineering and General Manager, S-Series Business. "We chose Dana drivetrain products as they are distinguished in the industry for their design, durability, and operating efficiency, all characteristics we value for the all-new Oshkosh S-Series."

The D172 series tandem axle is lightweight without compromising strength, key to the heavy-hauling requirement of the S-Series mixer. Rated for up to 50,000-lb. capacity applications and supported by a broad range of gear ratios, up to 6.14:1, the D172 expertly handles the construction environment. Also standard is an integrated, driver-controlled wheel differential lock for maximum traction and spin-out protection.

With torque capacity of 17,000 Nm and 25,000 Nm respectively, the SPL 170 and 250 driveshafts are engineered to supply greater torque, durability, and savings for severe-duty and low-emission, high-efficiency trucks. The High-Power Density feature offers a smaller package for larger load-carrying capacity while providing the maximum reliability and efficiency needed in this demanding vocation.

"Dana is dedicated to developing innovative, robust technologies that meet the unique needs of each vehicle and application," says Mark Wallace, President of Dana Commercial Vehicle Driveline Technologies. "The Oshkosh S-Series is renowned for its superior quality and performance, and we are honored to be chosen as the axle and driveline supplier for the next generation of this noteworthy vehicle."

Dana has served as a supplier for the long-standing Oshkosh S-Series for more than a decade, providing driveshafts to support the platform's deliverables of longevity and low maintenance.

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