Bonfiglioli 705XT Track Drives with Integrated Axial Piston Motor

Bonfiglioli's 705XT track drives, exhibited during INTERMAT 2018, integrate all components in an optimized way to simplify installation and reduce overall dimensions.

Bonfiglioli 705 Xt Track Drives With Integrated Axial Piston Motor
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Bonfiglioli 705XT track drives combine proven mechanical systems with ground-breaking hydraulic components, and represent the best choice for closed-loop applications and demanding construction equipment machines, such as compact track loaders (5.5-7.5 tons), small dozers (5.5-7.5 tons) or pavers (12-15 tons).

  • Two-stage gearbox with fully integrated swashplate hydraulic motor and parking brake, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and compact dimensions
  • Integration of all components in an optimized way gives machine builders the opportunity to take advantage of simplified installation, and reduced overall dimensions
  • Provides output torque of up to 17,000 Nm
  • Features axial piston motor designed for continuous pressure of 450 bar, and a maximum oil flow of 160 l/min
  • Designed with a zero displacement capability
  • Can go beyond the 2:1 displacement ratio that is normally seen as a limiting factor
  • Includes two-position hydraulic displacement control or, alternatively, an electrical proportional continuously variable displacement control and a built-in speed sensor
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