NAF DualSync Gearbox

The NAF DualSync gearbox features two driving modes and provides smooth shifting.

Dual Sync
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NAF AG has developed the mechanical DualSync gearbox which is driven by two hydraulic motors and offers full hydrostatic CVT functionality over the entire speed range.

  • Configuration enables two operating modes
  • Simultaneous use of both motors for high tractive power 
  • Fuel-saving single-motor-mode for high driving speeds
  • Both drive motors are connected with different ratios
  • Motor M1 is used for higher driving speed
  • Motor M2 is responsible for high tractive power, operating in combination with motor M1
  • Motor M2 reaches maximum rpm at approximately 30% of the maximum vehicle speed and is then disconnected from drivetrain by a synchroniser
  • Motor M2 is hydrostatically deactivated and lowers its speed to 0 rpm
  • Motor M1 drives vehicle up to its top speed
  • Disconnecting motor M2 reduces system losses and optimizes tractive performance of machine depending on its driving speed, resulting in advantages such as fuel savings of up to 20%
  • Further benefits include robust and reliable mechanical design, improved machine control in comparison with torque converter systems, and driving diesel engine in its most efficient speed range
  • Provides smooth shifting without jerky interruptions for both, up- and downshift
  • Used in forestry applications up to 200 kW (268.2 hp)
  • Suitable for wide range of other applications such as in construction and material handling equipment


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