Bosch Rexroth eGFT8000 Series Compact Drives

The eGFT8000 combines a compact drive and electric motor into a single space-saving drive unit.

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Bosch Rexroth
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The eGFT8000 series is a variant of Rexroth’s GFT8000 compact drive. With eGFT8000 compact drives, mobile working machines can use a high-speed electric motor instead of a hydraulic motor.

  • Combination of compact drive and electric motor results in space-saving drive unit
  • Serves as drive component for wheeled or track-mounted vehicles and other mobile equipment
  • Emissions-free drive technology
  • Does not require any extra installation space compared to conventional hydrostatic gearboxes and boasts greater efficiency
  • Additional planetary stage takes rotational speed and torque to hydraulic motor levels
  • Gearbox geometry is identical to that used in Rexroth’s GFT8000 drive unit
  • Exchangeable in terms of dimensions with GFT8000 whose flange surface for motor mounting is in the same location
  • Both gearboxes have the same permissible load
  • Compact three- or four-stage planetary design
  • Integrated multi-disk parking brake
  • Aligns with Bosch’s SMG180 electric motor
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