Liebherr LPI Gearbox

At bauma 2019, Liebherr introduced its latest generation LPI gearboxes with a torque range from 20,000-335,000 Nm.

Liebherr Lpi Drives 300dpi

Liebherr presents its latest LPI gearbox generation. 

  • Series includes seven basic gearboxes from LPI 600 to LPI 1200
  • Covers torque range from 20,000-335,000 Nm (14,751.2-22,126.9 ft.-lbs.)
  • Large tailor-designed gearboxes with dynamic torque of up to 2,300,000 Nm (1,696,392.9 ft.-lbs.) can also be produced 
  • Reduced complexity and standardization of components make for easier configuration in any application
  • Suited for lifting applications, for example in rope winches, as well as for driving applications, such as drives for chain and crawler vehicles
  • Features minimal weight and reduced installation space 
  • Use of new manufacturing and material technologies has increased permissible output torques by 20% compared to existing planetary gearboxes
  • Wide range of configuration options available
  • Can be equipped with different brake sizes according to customer and application requirements, including electromagnetic brakes or multi-disc brakes
  • Interfaces to engine are designed to allow for effortless assembly of any commercially available electric and hydraulic motor, ensuring best possible gearbox/motor drive combination 
  • Seals are designed as radial shaft seals, V-rings, mechanical seals or labyrinth seals depending on the application
  • Customer can choose between large number of oil measuring devices and expansion vessels
  • Can be equipped with sensors to monitor oil quality or condition
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