Titan Adds 12 New Row Crop Tire Options to OPTITRAC Line

Titan has added 12 new OPTITRAC tire options in its radial R-1W design which feature a larger footprint for added traction and reduced compaction.

Titan Goodyear Optitrac
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Titan International announces the expansion of its flagship tire line — the Goodyear OPTITRAC — to include a total of 12 new row crop tire options in its proven radial R-1W design.

“Our product offering is already incredibly extensive, but what we’re doing with this expansion is ensuring our most popular R-1W line is available in every size to meet the front and rear needs for every MFWD row crop configuration in the industry,” says Scott Sloan, Agricultural Product Manager for Titan and Goodyear Farm Tires. “We’ve also undergone an extensive industry pricing analysis to ensure that each size is priced competitively. Never has our R-1W row crop offering been more attractive.”

The Goodyear OPTITRAC line features the most modern tread design in the industry, with a 45-degree multi-angle pattern that outperforms standard 45-degree dual-angle, as well as traditional 23-degree patterns in many respects. With more overlap in lugs toward the center, the OPTITRAC design results in better ride quality, less vibration and faster road speeds while maintaining excellent traction and side-hill stability in the field.

The OPTITRAC line also features a larger footprint than many R-1W lines for added traction and reduced compaction, as well as a 9.5% plus-up in load carrying capacity at speeds of 25 mph and 5% plus-up in load capacity at 30 mph when compared to standard R-1W lines.

With this line expansion, the OPTITRAC family now includes approximately 90 sizes for a range of applications. The newly added row crop sizes include: 420/85R28, 380/85R30, 420/90R30, 380/85R34, 420/85R34, 380/80R38, 460/85R38, 480/80R42, 520/85R42, 480/80R46, 520/85R46 and 480/80R50.

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