Titan Intl. Goodyear OPTITRAC LSW1100/35R32 and LSW1250/35R46

Titan has introduced its Goodyear OPTITRAC LSW1100/35R32 and LSW1250/35R46 tires which offer a 25% improved footprint in comparison to dual tire setups.

Largest Mfwd Super Singles
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Titan International is expanding its Extreme Flotation lineup to include the world’s largest super single tire setup currently available for MFWD tractors — the Goodyear OPTITRAC LSW1100/35R32 and LSW1250/35R46.

  • Offers an approximate 25% improvement to footprint compared to standard dual setup, thereby reducing soil compaction and improving yield
  • Reduces field disturbance, while providing better ride quality
  • Improves ability to work in wet field conditions that would otherwise be inaccessible
  • Designed with Low Sidewall Technology (LSW), featuring larger rim diameter and shorter sidewall as compared to standard tires
  • LSW design dampens sidewall recoil that often causes road lope and power hop — issues that can slow down transport, and inhibits planting and tillage operations
  • LSW provides the ability to carry same weight load as comparable standard tires, but at 40% lower inflation pressures
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