Titan Goodyear R14 Tire

Titan debuted its Goodyear R14, featuring a design that allows use in a variety of conditions, at the National Farm Machinery Show 2018.

Goodyear R14 T Lsw460 1863 F
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Titan International announces a the release of a versatile tire — the Goodyear R14 — that can meet growers’ needs whether they are in the field or on the road. 

  • Combines the traction and cleaning features of R-1 agriculture tire with wear and ride features of R-4 industrial tire, eliminating need to choose between tread styles
  • Performs in variety of conditions and applications, from hard concrete surfaces to softer soils, without the need to change out tires
  • Available in both Low Sidewall Technology (LSW) and conventional sizes, including: LSW340/70R28, LSW460/75R38, 340/85R24 and 460/85R34
  • Eliminates need to change both wheels and tires as was previously the case when switching machines between a farming, industrial or turf application
  • Continuous arc bar angle shape is inspired by premium Goodyear OPTITRAC R-1W line
  • Titan’s MXL E3/L3 element down the center of provides superior wear and outstanding performance
  • High lug-to-void ratio suits hard surface applications, while lug is designed for cleaning and traction in softer soils
  • Titan-developed wheels to match LSW sizes are available, featuring 28-in. (71.1 cm) deep drop rim profile and adjustable waffle wheel design that brings all the benefits of LSW to smaller compact tractors 
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