Camso Solideal RES Xtreme NMAS

The Solideal RES Xtreme NMAS has anti-static properties and lowers heat build-up for enhanced tire life.

Camso Res Xtreme Nmas
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Camso introduces the Solideal RES Xtreme NMAS (non-marking anti-static), a non-marking resilient forklift tire. 

  • Resolves safety issues linked to static electricity generated in non-marking tires
  • Reduces vibration, increasing operator comfort
  • Lowers heat build-up for enhanced tire life
  • Borrows key features from Solideal RES 660 Xtreme Series
  • Benefits from Camso’s proven anti-static technology
  • Cured with cylindrical piece of highly conductive black rubber connected all the way from the steel wheel to tread face, which acts as a path to dissipate accumulated electricity on every rotation
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