General TE95 Tire

The new TE95 tire features V.ply technology and an optimized contour for a high level of stability.

General Te95
Gent Primary Redgrey Blkoutl 10271216

Continental is expanding its General Tire portfolio for the earthmoving industry with the General TE95 tire.

  • High traction, especially for soil compaction work in road and construction applications
  • Optimized tire contour ensures even pressure distribution on construction vehicles such as single-drum compactors
  • Geometric, robust tread blocks provide continuous traction performance in a variety of soil conditions
  • Equipped with V.ply technology
  • V.ply construction technology ensures strong sidewalls to provide optimal protection against punctures and cuts
  • V.ply technology combines advantages of cross-ply tires and radial tires by integrating a weave pattern of different strands laid out at special angles

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