X One XDA Energy tire

Michelin adds new fuel-efficient truck drive tire to its line of wide singles.

Michelinx 10071364

Michelin's X One XDA Energy wide single drive tire uses an innovative belt design and advanced compounds to increase fuel efficiency.

  • Uses Infini-Coil technology, more than a quarter-of-a-mile of steel cord wrapped circumferentially around the tire's crown
  • Infini-Coil reduces casing growth and stabilizes the contact patch, reducing irregular wear.
  • Matrix siping provides traction on dry and slippery surfaces; sipes lock together for the stability normally associated with solid tread blocks
  • Available in size 445/50R22.5 coast-to-coast, will replace the Michelin X One XDA tire.
  • Four-year U.S. Dept. of Energy study released in 2009 showed wide single tires increased vehicle fuel economy by 6 to 10%
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