E4 X-Traction tire

Michelin Earthmover Tires offers its X-Traction tire to the North American market.

Michelinx 10155489

The  X-Traction tire from Michelin Earthmover Tires is now available for the North American market. The X-Traction tire was originally available in 2004 outside North America for large mining trucks, and is now available for 100-ton mining and infrastructure trucks using the 49-in. E4 size. Beyond the initial 27.00R49 size being introduced, additional sizes will be available: 24.00R35 (September 2010); 21.00R33 and 18.00R33 (2011).

  • Specially designed for smaller rigid dump trucks that operate on public works sites
  • Rigid frame dump trucks face application challenges that require significant tread life and traction levels, as well as sidewall and tread area damage resistance
  • Tire integrates two new technologies to reduce heat build-up


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