Goodyear OPTITRAC Radial Farm Tires

Goodyear Farm Tire's OPTITRAC R+ improves traction, load capacity and speed rating.

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Goodyear Farm Tires, a Titan Tire Corp. brand, expands its OPTITRAC line of radial farm tires with the introduction of the new Goodyear OPTITRAC R+.


  • Available in five sizes — 600/70R30, 620/75R30, 650/85R38, 710/70R42 and 710/75R42
  • High aspect ratios allow the tire to carry a 23% heavier load (ranging from 7,850 to 15,200 lbs.)
  • Effective alternative to IF and VF tire technology
  • 25% deeper lugs than a conventional R-1 tire
  • Converts torque into 10% more traction
  • Design promotes longer tread life
  • Rated for transport speeds of up to 40 mph
  • Self-cleaning, 45-degree-angle tread action and improved mold and shape creates a smoother ride in the field and on the road, reducing operator fatigue
  • Ideal for heavy, wet soil conditions
  • Available in extra-wide flotation sizes
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