Titan Tire 007 MFT Mining Tire

Titan Tire introduces its newly designed 007 MFT mining tire.

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Titan Tire Corporation, a subsidiary of Titan International, Inc., has introduced its next generation 007 MFT mining tire product line, offering durability, an aggressive tread pattern and improved heat dissipation.

  • Nylon casing design is 15% cooler than the steel casing helping to diminish sidewall fatigue and cut damage, making the casing more retreadable 
  • Belt package provides durablility
  • Compounds utilized help reduce overall heat generation and improve the cut, chip and wear 
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  • Sipes in tire lugs provide additional traction and improved heat dissipation
  • Non-solid center tread design reduces internal heat generation and allows heat to dissipate, reducing tire running temperature
  • Lighter construction reduces overall heat generation 
  • Designed for use in difficult environments where casing penetration and sidewall cuts are a major issue 
  • Available in sizes 59/80R63, 53/80R63, 40.00R57 and 27.00R49


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