AC85 And AC90 Row-Crop Tires

Mitas Tires introduces a line of row-crop tires that will include 13 different tire sizes.

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Off-road tire producer Mitas of the CGS Group announces that in 2011 the company will introduce to the worldwide markets a Mitas-branded range of tires for use in row-crop agriculture. The tire line will extend and improve existing Continental-brand row-crop tires which Mitas has been producing under license since 2004.

  • Design reflects specific needs of North American and European farmers
  • Suitable for tractors with single or double mounting, sprayers and self-propelled sprayers and other agricultural applications
  • Reduced tire width allows passing between plants without damage to crops
  • Rounded shoulders, lugs and tire height protect seeds, roots and plants
  • Tubeless radial construction with reinforced casing allows higher load capacity and extends service life
  • Performance characteristics include traction and directional stability
  • Features self-cleaning properties
  • Maximum speed up to 50 km/h
  • Eight sizes currently available
  • Five additional sizes will include 270/95 R32, 300/95 R46, 320/85 R34, 320/90 R50 and 320/90 R54


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