Conti Hybrid HD3

Conti Hybrid HD3 crosses long haul and regional traffic, providing excellent combination of mileage, fuel savings and traction

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A new segment in commercial truck operations, combining long haul with regional traffic, prompted the launch of Continental Tire the Americas, LLC’s Hybrid HD3 drive tire.

  • Allows trucks to utilize the same tire whether they are operating in line-haul or regional applications; fuel efficiency on the highway, durability and extended mileage on regional roads
  • Wide dual drive tire measures 248 mm
  • 27/32nds tread depth in regenerating pattern cut in three dimensions and a large tread volume allows for long tread life and larger footprint for traction on highways
  • Sipes also support the tread blocks against forces from the drivetrain, retarder and wheel brake system to achieve the best possible traction and braking force transfer
  • Open shoulder gives grip and directional control
  • Advanced tread cap compounding, a self-stabilizing rib-block pattern and minimized tread deformation from a stiff shoulder can produce more than 10% improvement in rolling resistance against Continental’s HDR2 and HDL2 DL
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