Y20 and Y67 Mining Tires

Yokohama introduces its latest mining tires, the Y20 and Y67, which offer durability and increased carrying capacity.

Y67 mining tire
Y67 mining tire

Yokohama Tire Corporation (YTC) introduces its Y20 and Y67 mining tires.


  • 36-ply, heavy-duty, 39x15x20 tire
  • Well suited for scoops and coal haulers needing heavy weight carrying capacity in a 39-inch tall tire
  • Allows replacement of 15-inch rim with heavy-duty 20-inch rim for better durability and extra room around hub, promoting cooler running brakes, and better access and torque on lug bolts
  • Can take large shuttle cars down to lower levels, enabling access to deeper coal seams while still offering great carrying capacity


  • 36-ply, tough-tread Y67 44x15x20 tire
  • For large shuttle cars
  • Provides greater carrying capacity without having to change rims
  • Wide footprint delivers improved ride and longer tire life
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