X TWEEL SSL Non-Pneumatic Mobility Solution

Michelin's X TWEEL SSL is a non-pneumatic tire and wheel combination featuring two to three times the lifespan of a pneumatic tire.

Michelin Xtweel 11177262

Michelin North America's MICHELIN X TWEEL SSL for skid steer loaders is one single unit replacing the current tire/wheel/valve assembly.

  • Eliminates need for complex wheel/tire mounting equipment
  • Once bolted on, there is no air pressure to maintain
  • Provides greater stability and enables skid steers to work faster with more comfort for the operator, reducing driver fatigue while improving productivity
  • Delivers consistent footprint with strong wear life that is two to three times that of pneumatic tire at equal tread depth
  • Energy transfer within poly-resin spokes reduces “bounce” associated with pneumatic tires
  • Performs like a pneumatic tire without risk and costly downtime associated with penetrations and impact damage
  • Features deep, open tread for cleaning and traction
  • Zero degree, high tensile steel belts provide lateral stiffness while resisting damages from impacts and penetrations
  • High strength, poly resin spokes carry load while damping ride and providing unique energy transfer that reduces bounce
  • Universal eight hole, heavy gauge steel hub easily bolts onto all standard skid steers
  • Zero degree belts work with proprietary design to create "shear beam" that transfers load to uniform contact patch
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