R268 Ecopia All-Position Radial Tire

Bridgestone introduces the R268 Ecopia all-position radial tire which meets the needs of both high-scrub applications and pickup and delivery fleets.

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Bridgestone Commercial Solutions is rolling out the latest edition to its Ecopia product line, the R268 premium all-position radial tire for regional and pickup and delivery fleets. 

  • Stands up to high scrub environments while offering fuel efficiency advantages
  • Features high-traction, long wear life, and low rolling resistance
  • Meets needs of both high-scrub applications and pickup and delivery use
  • EPA SmartWay verified and California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant
  • Includes unique tread design and comes with protective features in casing to help resist damage from curbing and maneuvering scrub, extending tread life
  • Wave Channel Design reduces groove bottom strain, combating initiation and spread of irregular wear
  • Optimized Rib Distribution proportions ribs for added stiffness, helping to reduce irregular wear throughout footprint
  • NanoPro-Tech Compound limits energy loss for improved rolling resistance and optimum fuel efficiency
  • High Scrub Tread Compound enhances resistance to tread scrubbing, increasing tread life
  • Available in size 295/75R22.5 in the U.S. and Canada with additional sizes to be launched in the coming months
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