At EIMA 2014, Alliance Tire Group introduced its AGRIFLEX IF 363 tires which can carry the same load as standard tires at lower inflation pressures to reduce soil compaction.


The AGRIFLEX Improved Flexion (IF) 363 tires from Alliance Tire Group were developed to help farmers find the balance between increased productivity and reduced soil compaction.

  • Allows for higher tire deflection and enables farmers to increase productivity whilst lowering operation costs
  • Able to either carry 20% more load with the same air pressure as conventional radials or require 20% less inflation pressure for the same load
  • Provides increased traction and thus avoids wheel slip, which also helps the protection of soils
  • For applications on agricultural tractors, towed and self-propelled sprayers as well as row crop tractors
  • Features directional lug design which is divided into separate blocks and provides excellent grip on soft surfaces
  • Increased number of blocks and high rubber-to-void-tread ratio enables longer tread life, higher comfort and lower rolling resistance during road transport
  • Larger tire to soil contact area provides high traction, reduces fuel consumption and minimizes soil compaction
  • Steel belted carcass structure ensures uniform ground pressure distribution and extended life while also providing outstanding puncture protection


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