Galaxy Garden PRO R-3+ Tire

Introduced at EIMA 2014, Alliance Tire Group's Galaxy Garden PRO R-3+ tires feature a 50% deeper tread and rounded shoulders to protect the soil.


Alliance Tire Group has introduced the Galaxy Garden PRO R-3+ tire, a purpose-built series for small tractors used in gardening, turf management and vineyards.

  • Features tread 50% deeper than typical R-3 tires
  • Includes fabric-belted radial construction
  • Round shoulders designed to protect soil and turf against damage
  • High-count lugs, steep centerline angle and smooth, open channel deliver efficient and reliable traction, long wear and self-cleaning features
  • Solid-to-void tread ratio is 49:51%, which is substantially more than offered by typical R-1 or R-4 tires
  • Available in a wide range of sizes for both front and rear axle use, from 220/55R12 front sizes to 420/70R24 rears
  • Can replace R-1, R-3 or R-4 tires in most applications


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