Goodyear Raindrop Irrigation Tire

Goodyear introduces the Raindrop irrigation tire featuring a non-directional tread pattern for equal traction in both forward and reverse.


Goodyear Farm Tires, a Titan Tire Corporation brand, is now offering the Raindrop irrigation tire.

  • Features non-directional tread pattern to ensure superior, equal traction in both forward and reverse for center pivot irrigation systems
  • For applications requiring a tire that can adapt to different pivoting angles while still providing multi-directional traction, especially in consistently wet soil conditions
  • Wide, sturdy lug design allows for extended ground footprint and improved puncture resistance, as well as more stability 
  • Deep R-1 tread provides traction in any direction
  • Lug angles are designed to resist mud buildup for more stable, consistent operation of irrigation system
  • Larger footprint also provides increased flotation and lower ground pressure, resulting in reduced soil compaction for better yields
  • Currently available as a standard 380/70-24 size or a 380/60-28 LSW size




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