Camso TLH 732 Pneumatic Telehandler Tire

Camso's TLH 732 telehandler tire includes a directional wraparound tread pattern with large tread depth for improved traction and debris removal.

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Camso, formerly Camoplast Solideal, introduces the TLH 732 pneumatic telehandler tire offering a rugged, lower cost option to solid rubber tires for rental, construction and agriculture applications.

  • Features resistance to blowouts and sidewall damage while providing greater stability for moving telehandler loads safely  
  • Advanced rubber compounds increase resilience and wear life
  • Directional tread pattern provides aggressive traction in soft soils
  • Sidewall design has an enhanced impact guard that reverses the traditional tire profile to deflect objects and debris
  • Optimized tread pattern offers more stable footing for lifting and moving as load balances shift with the dynamic loading on a telescopic boom
  • Recommended for soft-soil jobsites
  • Directional wraparound tread pattern with massive tread depth and stepped-design features improve debris clean-out and deliver best in off-road traction
  • Void guard reinforces sizable spaces between tread lugs to prevent punctures and minimize flats



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