MICHELIN XDR3 MB4 Surface Mine-Haul Tire

Michelin's XDR3 MB4 surface mine-haul tire include a new tread pattern and compounds which increase tire life by at least 10%.

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To address the productivity and endurance issues found in today’s surface mines, Michelin Earthmover announces the introduction of the MICHELIN XDR3 MB4 surface mine-haul tire.

  • For 400-plus-ton trucks
  • Features new compounds and tread pattern which increases tire life a minimum of 10% 
  • Use of corrosion-isolating cables incorporated into tire architecture results in 10% increase in tire endurance
  • Tread pattern provides excellent load distribution across contact patch and is designed to lower contact pressure and reduce wear rate
  • Tread pattern is designed for better endurance due to heat dissipation capabilities which prevent overheating
  • Available in the 40.00R57 size
  • MEMS ready
  • Reduces rim slip due to new flat bead wire which strengthens clamping force on wheel and increases its contact surface with the rim
  • Includes more solid-steel cables, increased metal mass, thicker sidewalls and new steel belt offering increased protection against punctures in tread area
  • Features load capacity of nearly 36 tons due to cable-reinforced carcass
  • Shoulder design helps tire cool more quickly
  • Central zone and large, beefy lugs are cut-resistant to improve both durability and traction capability
  • Wide grooves and channels provide traction and grip on graded and loose ground conditions



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