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Torrance, CA 90503
United States
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Since 1999, US Hybrid has provided electric and hybrid traction drive systems for medium and heavy duty commercial trucks, municipality vehicles, and fuel cell transit buses throughout the world. US Hybrid was founded in Torrance, California by Dr. Gordon Abas Goodarzi, Ph.D, P.E. a 30 year veteran of the electric, hybrid, and fuel cell industries and co-founder of Enova Systems, who has pioneered such projects as General Motors’ EV1 power-train development at Hughes Aircraft Company. US Hybrid’s team of engineers has over 200 years of combined experience in electric and hybrid powertrain and energy storage systems.

US Hybrid’s products have been used in more than eighteen OEM commercial vehicles worldwide, including transit systems and trucks with over one million accumulated kilometers of operation. US Hybrid’s 170kW and 240kW drive motors currently power monorails in Brazil and Malaysia, while US Hybrid’s 320kW drives power heavy-duty mining equipment as well as Class 8 trucks. US Hybrid is the supplier for the New York Department of Sanitation Hybrid street sweepers and the New York Container Terminal hybrid port trucks.

US Hybrid’s Hawaii integration facility has been commissioned fuel cell integration projects including a Mack dump truck and transit shuttle buses, as well as a R-12 refueller and a C-17 tug tractor for military applications. US Hybrid’s sister company, Magmotor Technologies, located in Worcester, Massachusetts, is the leading supplier of precision servo drives, electro-hydraulic pump systems, dc-dc converters and MagLev systems for RTP silicon fabrication to Intel-based silicon fab houses such as Intel, TI, Samsung, LG and ST.

US Hybrid is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company. US Hybrid products are designed to meet our customer's application requirements and standards, including: UL, FCC, NEB, SAE and MIL-STD compliance.

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