RLE20 Fiber-Optic Laser Interferometer Encoder

Renishaw's RLE20 fiber-optic laser interferometer encoder application flexibility and installation ease.

Rle20 2axis Config 10252025
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The RLE20 fiberoptic laser encoder system from Renishaw converts the laser interferometer from a complex scientific instrument into a simple production solution offering picometer resolution, differential measurements and part-per-billion laser frequency stability. The use of fiber-optics eliminates the need for multiple remote beam splitters, benders and adjustable mounts.

  • Enables highest precision control over two axes from a single laser source
  • Provides sub-nanometer non-linearity and resolution capability of 38 picometers
  • Combines laser interferometers, detector units and adjustable mechanical mounts for beam alignment into a single compact unit
  • Integral beam steering optic provides simple adjustment of beam angle
  • Utilizes laser unit connected to detector head by 3 m fiber-optic cable
  • Reduces installation time and equipment footprint by launching laser light through fiber-optics, using two aligned components to form complex axis positioning system
  • Provides positional output signals in differential digital RS422 and/or 1Vpp sine/cosine formats
  • Range of selectable resolutions, bandwidth limiting filters and hysteresis options available by ensuring direct interface to motion control systems with additional electronics
  • Enables high and low resolution feedback signals simultaneously
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