RLS AM8192B 13-bit Magnetic Rotary Encoder

Renishaw's 13-bit magnetic rotary encoder offers higher speeds and broader temperature range.

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Renishaw's 13-bit magnetic rotary encoder-on-chip provides higher speeds, better noise control, improved time delay and accuracy, plus unique performance tailoring capability. The enhanced RLS AM8192B increases operational speeds to 38,000 rpm at 13-bit resolution (60,000 rpm at 12 bit), while a simple software interface allows designers to choose optimum settings for applications, as well as providing a HEX setting file for easy upload.

  • Offers -40°C to 125°C operational temperature range
  • Has superior shock and vibration resistance
  • Frictionless, low-inertia operation enables consistent, wear-free 0.3° positioning accuracy at high speeds, acceleration and deceleration
  • Separate magnet and ASIC eliminates wear, friction, and need for seals and bearings, assuring long-term reliability
  • ASIC contains array of Hall-effect sensors that generate voltage when exposed to magnetic flux field
  • ASIC's configurable internal interpolator converts Sine and cosine voltage outputs to a range of binary and decimal resolutions
  • Permits operation in areas of high external magnetic fields via ASIC's ability to cancel magnetic interference 
  • Configurable using an external EEPROM
  • Accesses absolute angle position value through SSI interface
  • Relative changes of angle position simultaneously output as incremental A QUAD B encoder signals up to 8192 counts per revolution
  • Simultaneous SSI and incremental capability enables both motor commutation and velocity control at the same time
  • Uses 5V power supply
  • RoHS (lead free) compliant
  • Applications include motor control and automation systems




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