Sensata EXT 300 Series Circuit Breakers

The Sensata EXT 300 Series circuit breakers, now available from Peerless Electronics, provide wiring harness protection in 12 V DC applications.

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Peerless Electronics Inc. will now be distributing Sensata’s line of First Technology automotive circuit breakers, which includes the EXT 300 Series of circuit breakers.

  • Designed as drop-in replacement for mini type fuses for use in critical circuits, or where accessibility to the protector is limited
  • For wiring harness protection in 12V DC applications
  • Available in ratings up to 30 amps
  • Provides protection to guard against momentary overloads
  • Especially well suited for use in fuse blocks where horizontal space is limited, but where there is enough vertical height to accommodate a relay
  • Features bimetallic design
  • Compact design allows integration into various areas of vehicle
  • Protected against abuse and contamination of contact surface
  • Sensitive to both over-current and over-temperature fault conditions
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