LED Side Turn Lamps

Grote introduces its family of LED side turn lamps which provide a wide range of mounting and connectivity options.

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Grote Industries, a manufacturer of high-performance LED lighting technology for the transportation industry, introduced its family of six side turn lamps. A variety of mounting designs and connector options make the lamps unique in the marketplace and suitable for multiple applications.

  • Applications include aerodynamic skirts, restricted space between frame rails, and locations where a separate mounting flange is not practical
  • Comes in three styles, each with a choice of either male pin or hard shell connectors
  • Grommet-mount version works well for traditional applications and direct replacement of existing grommet-mount installations
  • Integrated flange-mount version is low profile, easy to install and comes with matching mounting pad to absorb stress 
  • Compact surface-mount version has smallest footprint, lowest profile and lightest weight, allowing maximum flexibility for all mounting environments
  • Features enhanced electrical design and functionality
  • Size and shape follow most up-to-date industrial lighting design trends, including smart, aerodynamic shaping and hidden LED electronic circuitry
  • Enables driver to see lamp functioning from the cab
  • Maintains compliance with SAE recommendations and requirements in all 50 states
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