LightForm Ultra-Thin Retrofit Dome Lamp

Grote has developed an ultra-thin dome lamp kit for HMMWVs which uses the company's flexible LED lighting film, LightForm.

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Grote Industries announces it has completed development of a dome lamp kit exclusively designed for retrofit use in the U.S. military’s high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles (HMMWVs). The dome lamp kit employs Grote’s LightForm, a flexible LED lighting film.

  • Low profile design
  • Prevents hang-up risk or impediment to ingress or egress because doesn't project into cabin
  • Doesn’t require traditional bezel or lens that would add weight and thickness
  • No mounting fasteners required, eliminating holes being drilled in interior surfaces
  • Includes peel-and-stick adhesive backing for quick and easy installation
  • Each kit has front and rear lamps with independent on/off switches
  • Provides dual operational lighting modes
  • Operates in standard LED WhiteLight illumination mode, and tactical/blackout mode using combination of red/white or blue/white color LEDs
  • Tactical/blackout mode allows soldiers to see outside vehicle, while limiting their detection by opposing forces
  • Multi-volt design meets MIL standards for electromagnetic interference, ESD, electrical transients, vibration, temperature, moisture and chemical resistance
  • Ultra-thin design prevents possiblity of lamp becoming a projectile and a source of injury if it is dislodged or fragmented
  • Ruggedly engineered to resist water and shock
  • Still functions after being severely damaged
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