Touch-Free LED Interior Lamp

Federal-Mogul has developed a touch-free LED lamp for vehicle interiors which requires a simple wave of the hand to turn the light on and off.

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Federal-Mogul Corporation has developed a high-efficiency LED interior lamp that can be operated with a simple wave of the hand. The company's first application is a touch-free dome lamp that integrates a capacitive sensor into the vehicle's overhead console.

  • Provides durability 
  • Offers increased lighting functions
  • Eliminates driver's search for correct mechanical switch in increasingly crowded consoles and instrument panels 
  • Improves safety by enabling more attention to remain focused on road
  • Features solid state light source and capacitive switching technology 
  • Capacitive proximity sensor detects hand's conductivity as it enters a field 
  • Switch is triggered by change in capacitance caused by conductivity of iron in the blood
  • Field sensitivity range can be set to function from 0 mm to 80 mm
  • System continually monitors environment to calibrate and optimize performance and range
  • Works even when operator is wearing gloves, unlike other technologies, such as infrared proximity sensors
  • Can be programmed to provide additional functions and personalization options
  • Changes to light's intensity and color, for example, could be controlled by sliding or tapping a finger on the sensor
  • Utilizes LEDs which consume a fraction of the energy of incandescent light sources—0.5 watts, instead of 10 watts per source
  • LEDs combined with a lower lens heat of approximately 100 F, or less than 40 C, provides more flexibility in lighting design
  • Customizable for any application
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